NEW 2014 Model Stoves

Product Description

Our new 2014 model pellet heating stoves are true technological marvels!  Fire Flame Stoves utilizes state of the art laser guided stamping, cutting and welding techniques in order to produce the highest quality and most efficient home heating pellet stoves on the market. These revolutionary production methods also help us to cut costs and enable Fire Flame Stoves to be marketed at an affordable price!

However, we do NOT build the cheapest pellet stoves on the market! We know that there are a few pellet stoves available that cost a little less than ours, but we refuse to cut corners, and so we decided to spend some extra money and import the best quality components in order to build more durable and reliable stoves! OUR customers know a REAL VALUE when they see it! After all, a bargain price isn't a real bargain if it doesn't work as well or last as long as it should!

Advanced Features:

bullet We import the best Italian igniters on the market which are guaranteed for at least 3,000 lights!

bullet We import the best German ceramic glass with higher heat resistance and scratch resistance for greater durability and clearer views of the flames!

bullet We use the best blower motors made by an American company!

bullet We use the best high temperature paint made by an American company and is heat-resistant up to 2500°F

bullet Door: carbon steel, high temperature resistant

bullet Removable ash box: collects the ash automatically -  two week periodic removal

bullet Glass-self cleaning: perpetual air wash system always keeps the glass clear

bullet Automatic Start: totally automatic and separately programmable starting times available for each day of the week

bullet LCD control panel: simple and easy to use - programmable up to one week in advance for total control of burn times, cleaning times and temperature settings

bullet Thermostat: Fire Flame Stoves can easily be set to maintain any desired room temperature using either the LCD control panel or the convenient remote control

bullet Four step power settings: it is up to your need, which also shows on the display

bullet Exhaust outlet: ø 80 mm; air inlet ø 50 mm

bullet Electrical supply: 120V-60HZ

bullet Remote Control Functions: turns the stove on and off; controls power settings; controls temperature settings; automatic or manual mode; 15 foot range

bullet Automatic and fully programmable cleaning: reduces clogging of the burner box and the frequency of cleaning times