ALL NEW - 100% Stainless Steel Venting Kit             ON SALE for only $249.99         

This all new, 100% Stainless Steel Venting Kit, is absolutely the "State of the Art" in Venting Systems!  Our NEW Stainless Vent Kit is the absolute best and most efficient venting system available in the world!  It is also the SAFEST!  Most other venting systems on the market today, require you to cut out two separate holes in your outside wall; one for the exhaust and a separate one for the fresh air intake.  Our proprietary Direct Venting System brings in fresh, outside air for combustion while using a revolutionary new design which telescopes to fit any wall and utilizes ONLY ONE 5 inch wall opening, which makes venting your stove as simple as venting a dryer!







Black Victorian Legs

SALE Price - $125.00

Product Description: These handsome legs are designed to fit our Corn Flame 3000 model:  made of cast iron and powder coated for durability.


Energy MAX System

SALE Price - $125.00

Product Description: This system is designed to fit out Corn Flame 3000 model stove, maximize it's heat output, and help reduce maintenance.


Heavy Duty DELUXE Stove Pad

SALE Price - $125.00

Product Description: This beautiful Tempered Ceramic Glass Stove Pad is both functional and stylish. It meets all stove safety requirements and helps protect your valuable floors or carpet.